Nevada Business and Economy
  • Promote Legislation for Small Businesses
  • Eliminate Bureaucratic and Unnecessary Licensing/Regulation Requirements
  • Partner with Local Vocational and Technical Schools to Provide Necessary Skills Needed for Nevada Business Growth
Taxes and State Budget
  • Ensure Responsible Budgeting by Identifying Efficiencies to Relieve Nevadans of Increased Tax Burdens and Maintain Property Tax Cap
  • Remove Wasteful Government Spending
  • Provide Fiscal Responsible Representation for Nevada Families
  • Create Further Security Policies to Ensure Our Children Remain Safe While on Campus
  • Require Department Accountability and Transparency for All Taxpayer Dollar Usage
  • Reallocation of Funding for Vocational Skills Education
  • Allow Nevada Parents School Choice
  • Incentivize Current and Future Teachers to Remain in Nevada Schools
Energy and Environment
  • Support Options for Consumers and Energy Choice
  • Greater Public Access to Allow Responsible Resource Usage
Veteran Empowerment
  • Improve Accessibility to Beneficial Care Resources
  • Removing Barriers for Employment
  • Create Statewide Mentorship Program
Animal Advocacy
  • Improve Animal Protection Laws
  • Secure Funding for No-Kill Animal Shelters